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                                 Coming Together-GSBC & GbOS

Meet Kevin Parker and Scott Chapman, 

2 men sharing a

common passion and vision for closely-held

businesses in Georgia 


          All over rural Georgia there are businesses that have been in existence for decades thriving in the good times and surviving the hard times.  They have been providing jobs and income for local families, and supporting the communities they live in.  They have also been offering great services and products to their customers. These businesses, just like yours, are truly the backbone of our country’s economy. They are what is making America great again! As we have traveled around in our own individual efforts, talked to and worked with these businesses over the last several years, we both began to realize a common theme and conversation. Business owners in rural Georgia have questions and concerns about the future plans and outcomes of their business. What needs to be done to keep it relevant, successful and sustainable into the future? How will the business continue when they are gone? How will they exit the business and retire in an effective way that rewards them with certainty and peace of mind for their years of risk and hard work? All these are questions that need to be answered.  No one has been out there intentionally bringing this information to them.  

     We believe that God puts each person on this earth for a reason and a purpose. We believe it is our purpose to fulfill this unmet need for owners of closely held businesses in rural Georgia.  Allowing them to flourish for generations to come.  It is our desire to help you have access to and understand the things you need to know in order to make sure that your future outcomes equal your expectations. We want to help ensure that you are on a sustainable path for future success where mediocrity is not an option. In order to do that, we have assembled a network of highly skilled professionals who have decades of experience in working with closely held businesses like yours. We are honored to be able to make the Georgia Business Network available to you.

Kevin and Scott






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