What is it about?

An educational event that helps empower owners of closely held businesses with the tools and strategies to avoid six mistakes that can potentially destroy your business and personal future.

Who is it for?  Should You attend?

Should you attend the Georgia Business Owners Summit…..

    1)Do you believe a proper understanding of the business succession process and having the correct legal documents in place is important to the future success and sustainability of your business?

    2)If an unexpected death or disability happened to you or one of your key employees would it disrupt your business in such a way that could cause hardship and uncertainty for your family and your business future?

    3)With the United States currently over $21 trillion in debt, would you like to have a proper understanding of the strategies available to you as a business owner that could help you plan for a substantial amount of tax free income in your future?

     If you answered yes to any of these 3 questions, you should attend the Georgia Business Owners Summit to learn about these things and more.


Is your Future & family at risk?

Is your business putting your family's future and your future at risk?  How could that happen?  Truth is, it happens all too often.  

Your investment of long hours, personal savings and sacrifice into your business may not yield the results you or your family expected.  You have been so busy in the business and have slowly and unintentionally put your business and personal future at risk.  You have one child in the business and one that isn't, how will you equalize your estate?  You may not be sure who will take over once you step away, how will the business continue?  Worse yet, your health deteriorates to the point where you have to sell the business, who will you sell it to?