"Although I am not directly involved in the family business, my husband is 1/3 owner in the family farm and business along with his father and brother.  Things are changing as we and his brother each have growing families and my father-in-law and mother-in-law are aging.

The Business Owner Summit opened our eyes to several very important issues that we as a family need to address in order to make sure that everyone is on the same page and has a clear understanding of what will happen in the future to make sure that plans are in place so that everyone and everything is taken care of.

My husband and his brother are third generation and we do not want anything to hinder the future operation and sustainablity of the business, as well as family relationships.  We want the business to pass on to the forth generation some day."  Brooke Hitchcock - Hitchcock Farms, Tennille, Georgia

Like most family owned small businesses, we had many questions regarding the best way to transfer ownership from one generation to the next in a manner that would be best for everyone involved.  I was invited to attend the Georgia Business Owners Summit and I am so glad I went.  At this event, I heard discussions on very relevant small business topics and answers to many of the questions we were asking.  I was exposed to information on the risk we were unnecessarily taking in our business and family.  I was introduced to concepts that can greatly benefit our business, family and future from an income tax perspective.  This event has information that can be beneficial for any small business owner.  For the future of our business and family, it was well worth the time to attend the Georgia Business Owners Summit.” 

Justin Garrett, Garett Industries Fence Co.— Dublin, Georgia 

"Today's presentation was great.  The informaion expressed regarding solutions for our business, personal life and future generations was helpful.  I would recommend this event to everyone."  

Lisa Ricks - Ricks' Glass, Adrian, Georgia

“Attending a Georgia Business Owners Summit was one of the best things I have done for my business.  Truly an eye opening experience and time well spent”

Jerome Murray, Baxley, Georgia