georgia Small Business Council

 The Georgia Small Business Council ( "GSBC" ) is Georgia's fastest growing business organization. We are "The Conservative Voice of Freedom for Georgia Small Business." In December of 2009, a group of conservative business owners were frustrated with the representation they were getting from existing small business associations. Through their encouragement, the GSBC was founded on January 29, 2010. For the last nine years GSBC has been the fastest growing business organization in Georgia.. The reason for the growth of GSBC is simple: we do not bow to the god of political correctness. We are not beholding to any political party. We answer to no political power. We only answer to our members. Our members are the boss, and what the boss says we do. In 1776 one of our Founding Fathers Samuel Adams said; "If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in government. Our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin". Well, now is that time! It is time for Small Business Owners, who are the Backbone of our country to rendezvous with destiny and take our country back from the powers of liberalism and progressive socialism. The original signers of The Declaration of Independence were farmers, bankers, inventors, writers, builders, shop keepers and manufacturers. Today, that would be Small Business Owners. Individuals who know what it is like to sign the front side of a paycheck and not just the back side of a paycheck. The spine sweat they felt as they signed their names for King George to see was real and took great courage. They risked everything they had, their lives, their families, and their fortunes for one thing..... Freedom!. Now I ask you, what will you risk to keep Freedom ??   Well then take your first step today to be heard, get involved, and take action. Be a Freedom Fighter, join GSBC Now, for Freedom's Sake. Kevin Parker President- Georgia Small Business Council

Who we are

     Thank you for visiting the website home of Georgia's fastest growing Small Business Organization. The Georgia Small Business Council (GSBC) is the only state based organization that focuses exclusively on serving the needs of Georgia's small business community. When small business join together through GSBC they achieve more success and greater benefit than they ever could on their own. Our members are as diverse as Georgia's economy, (click on the GSBC Membership page for demographics). At GSBC we understand the complexity and challenges of operating a successful small business. That is why we are dedicated to removing the hindrances and barriers to your success. All of our member services and benefits exist to improve the business climate and conditions in which you operate your business. The Spirit of Entrepreneurship is what unites GSBC members. That Spirit embodies Risk, Independence and Freedom. Freedom from Oppressive Taxes Freedom From Burdensome Regulations Freedom to Thrive and Prosper Freedom to Do Business on Your Own Terms Freedom from the Bondage of Liberalism and Progressive Socialism Welcome To The Georgia Small Business Council "The Conservative Voice of Freedom for Georgia Small Business."

GSBC member demographics

                    GSBC Membership An Investment in Georgia's Small Business Future As the graph at the right demonstrates, GSBC's Membership is as diverse as Georgia's Economy. 100% of GSBC Members are independent small business owners. Membership Demographics are: 19% Agriculture Production 17% Business & Consumer Services 15% Retail Sales 15% Wholesale & Distribution 11% Manufacturing & Fabrication 11% Commercial & Home Construction 6% Restaurants & Food Services 6% Financial , Legal & Medical Services As you can see GSBC is not just a trade association or special interest group. We are truly reflective of the job creators known as Gerogia Small Business. The very Backbone of Georgia's Economy. If you are tired of being over taxed, over regulated and under appreciated then Join GSBC Today. Click on the above page Join Now and complete the member application.